You’re interested in taking control of your money, but you find yourself in situations like: Sitting quietly while the men talk about money (maybe even yours), worried you’ll sound silly if you speak up Watching the news and wishing you knew more, but the whole financial world feels so complex and intimidating Not wanting to become one of those women who gets taken for all her savings You’re good at what you do (hobbies, career, and running your busy life), but feeling in control of your financial life feels so out of reach and overwhelming.… Read More
What do you really know about taxes? How familiar are you with the basics? What about the intricacies? It’s no secret most of us aren’t tax pros. Many of us have some pretty big knowledge gaps when it comes to key tax issues, like different tax brackets, charitable giving, and tax liabilities.… Read More
Planning financially for retirement can help make aging more comfortable Yes, there are good things about being old, such as increased happiness, less stress, better marriages and deeper friendships. You seldom hear that: People tend to focus on the negatives of aging.… Read More
What if you could give any child in your life a brighter financial future without spending a single penny? What if it only took the right words? Believe it or not, that IS possible. Talking to children about money now can pay off in a big way later.… Read More
January is Financial Wellness Month While we all intuitively know that simple, daily actions can have a big impact on our health, sometimes a few reminders can be helpful. For example, we know that we should: Drink more water; Eat more fruits and vegetables; Ensure we get enough sleep; Exercise regularly; and Take time to be still.… Read More
New Year, New You? Many of us try for a fresh start around the New Year – and most of us don’t achieve it. In fact, it only takes a month or so for most of us to abandon that fresh start, even if we really want it.1 What if our slip-ups weren’t failures but, instead, just our first tries – or latest attempts – at a fresh start?… Read More
A clear investing approach for creating lasting, inflation-adjusted retirement income Ask Yourself These Questions: How much can I safely spend? How much investment risk can I handle? Are my retirement savings in the right place? Do I have enough retirement savings to last my lifetime?… Read More
The end of the year is when a lot of deadlines come up. So, as we head to the end of the year, now is a great time to make sure your financial plan is still on track. And it’s wise to use a checklist to see where you are and what you should do.… Read More
Donating to a cause you care about is rewarding. Unfortunately, not all charities are created equal. Taking the proper precautions before giving ensures that your donations go to the people and organizations you want to help—and that you’re meeting both your personal and financial goals.… Read More