The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) created incredible estate planning opportunities for savvy Americans. However, the massive changes introduced by the SECURE Act of 2019 have made many estate strategies outdated. If you haven’t created or reviewed your estate plans in light of these new rules, you’re at risk of… Accidentally disinheriting your spouse (because of an outdated trust or estate strategy) Failing to take advantage of a temporary tax window (just through 2025) Shortchanging your loved ones by leaving Uncle Sam too much of your hard-earned money Forcing your loved ones to liquidate their inheritance to pay taxes (because IRA rules changed) All because your will, trust, or estate plan hasn’t been updated to reflect the new laws.… Read More
Many Americans think: “The only way to decrease my taxes is to reduce my income.”,  but there’s a better way. You suspect you’re paying too much in taxes, but you make too much money to fall into any of the categories that lead to lower tax payments.… Read More
Planning for your Social Security benefit isn’t just about estimating the monthly check you’ll receive in the mail. There’s a right way and a wrong way to look at Social Security. S The wrong way I need this money as soon as possible because I paid into the system and deserve it.… Read More
Only one-third of adults have a will in place, which may not be entirely surprising. No one wants to be reminded of their own mortality or spend too much time thinking about what might happen once they’re gone.1 But a will is an instrument of power.… Read More
Many of us hope to leave something behind for our loved ones when we pass away. But the probate process is complex. To understand how to better manage potential probate fees, let’s explore what probate is and how the process works.… Read More
A well-structured estate plan can be invaluable to you and your family  It is common for people to put off estate planning. After all, no one wants to anticipate his or her own death. In addition, many people may believe that only the wealthy require estate planning or that all that is involved is tax planning, which can be done “later.”… Read More
 If you are thinking about establishing a living trust, you will need to give considerable thought to selecting a trustee. Perhaps you are thinking about naming a family member. Or, you may be wondering whether it would be wiser to designate your attorney or another trusted professional.… Read More