As Americans gathered around the Thanksgiving table last week and recited what they were thankful for, market performance may have made the list, with 60/40 portfolios up 12% this year after a challenging 2022. The path hasn’t beensmooth, with a regional banking crisis, war in the Middle East and hawkish Fed policy all challenging markets.… Read More
It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the holiday spending rush has already begun. The National Retail Federation isforecasting holiday spending growth of 3-4% from 2022, totaling between $957.3-$966.6 billion. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here weekly_market_recap-11-20-2023
With almost 90% of market cap having reported, S&P 500 operating earnings are on track to finish 3Q23 +4.5% y/y.While results have fared well this quarter, we are beginning to see a slowdown on a sequential basis. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here weekly_market_recap-11-13-2023
In last Wednesday’s FOMC press conference, Fed Chair Powell acknowledged that wage inflation has “come downsignificantly” but suggested economic and labor market conditions likely need to come further into balance to bringinflation back to target. With this in mind, some may fear that continued labor market strength could stall furtherprogress on wage growth and inflation.… Read More
Entering 2023, many analysts had penciled in a mild U.S. recession by mid-year. However, strong incoming economicdata kept delaying the start date. Growth remained steady in the first half of the year, despite a hiccup in 1Q23 due tothe regional banking crisis, and, more recently, a combination of positive impulses boosted 3Q23 GDP growth to a realannualized rate of 4.9% – the fastest pace in two years.… Read More
Make your annual review more efficient and productive to improve next year When you work with a financial advisor, then you know how important the year-end review is to the financial planning process. And given that you should be scheduling your year-end review this month, let’s review how you can best prepare.… Read More
Consumer strength has been one of the great surprises of 2023. Recent comprehensive GDP revisions suggest thatconsumers still have a sizable excess savings cushion accumulated from government aid during the pandemic. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here weekly_market_recap-10-23-2023
T Tips to help you find your financial planner and financial planning firm The financial planner and financial planning firm you pick to manage your assets and advise you on key financial decisions affects your retirement and other major financial goals more, maybe, than even you.… Read More
Headline inflation rose 0.4% m/m and 3.7% y/y in September, partly due to higher energy prices with the gasoline CPIcomponent rising 2.1% m/m and 3.0% y/y. However, there could be better news coming on this front. This week’s chartshows daily gasoline prices, WTI crude oil prices and the spread between the two, which reflects taxes, distributioncosts and, most importantly, refining margins.… Read More
The Financial QuarterlyHow Did Markets Perform Last Quarter?S&P 500-3.7%The broader U.S. market lost ground in a weak third quarter as investors ran out of good vibes.1NASDAQ-4.1%The tech-focused NASDAQ dropped in Q3 as macroeconomic worries eroded investor confidence.1DOW 30-2.6%The blue-chip Dow also fell on macroeconomic worries but held up better against its counterparts.1Looking AheadWhat Factors May Influence Markets in the Months to Come?Let’s… Read More