T Tips to help you find your financial planner and financial planning firm The financial planner and financial planning firm you pick to manage your assets and advise you on key financial decisions affects your retirement and other major financial goals more, maybe, than even you.… Read More
The Financial QuarterlyHow Did Markets Perform Last Quarter?S&P 500-3.7%The broader U.S. market lost ground in a weak third quarter as investors ran out of good vibes.1NASDAQ-4.1%The tech-focused NASDAQ dropped in Q3 as macroeconomic worries eroded investor confidence.1DOW 30-2.6%The blue-chip Dow also fell on macroeconomic worries but held up better against its counterparts.1Looking AheadWhat Factors May Influence Markets in the Months to Come?Let’s… Read More
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Once again, the dysfunction in Congress could lead to a government shutdown if a deal is not reached by September 30, 2023. For many, this may be confusing, as we just went through another debacle earlier this year. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here On-The-Mark_-Special-Edition-September-2023
Economics is not a precise science. Central banks attempt to influence the economy through monetary policy(commonly by raising or lowering interest rates). The Fed uses monetary policy to attempt to achieve its dualmandate of price stability (low inflation) and full employment (economic growth).… Read More
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