Fear, that unpleasant emotion caused by a belief that something is going to happen to cause pain, is ever present in the investment world. The key words here are ’emotion’ and ‘belief,’ and they lead to ill-timed investment decisions. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here On-The-Mark-Fear-of-Markets-April-2024
2023 stands in sharp contrast to 2022. In 2022, stocks and bonds declined by double digits. Investor sentiment suggested more of the same for 2023. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here On-The-Mark-December-2023_-Three-Surprises-in-2023-1
Once again, the dysfunction in Congress could lead to a government shutdown if a deal is not reached by September 30, 2023. For many, this may be confusing, as we just went through another debacle earlier this year. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here On-The-Mark_-Special-Edition-September-2023
Economics is not a precise science. Central banks attempt to influence the economy through monetary policy(commonly by raising or lowering interest rates). The Fed uses monetary policy to attempt to achieve its dualmandate of price stability (low inflation) and full employment (economic growth).… Read More
The stock market (S&P 500 index) is up nearly 17% for the first half and has proven surprisingly resilient despite numerous challenges. These include ongoing recession worries, instability in regional banks, and high inflation. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here On-The-Mark_-The-_Artificial_-Magic-in-the-Stock-Market-Rally-July-2023
Take 2 minutes now to hear AssetMark CIO Christian Chan share his mid-year outlook on growth, headline inflation and equity rally. Click Here
The clock is ticking on US debt ceiling negotiations. Treasury Secretary Yellen informed Congress that cash balances are estimated to run out by early June, the so called X-date 1 With the deadline fast approaching, markets are sending signals about investor concerns.… Read More
Over the last two weeks, the FDIC assumed control of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Both banks had experienced losses in their fixed-income portfolios and were unable to attract sufficient capital to meet the withdrawals of their depositors. Download Full-Size PDF: Click Here on_the_mark_03-22-2023
The FDIC took over Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) and Signature Bank last week. To boost the stability of the banking system, the government effectively protected all depositors in the banking system. While some risk remains, we believe the big systemic risks are now lower. … Read More
Last year was an exceptional year, and not in a good way. There was no shortage of worries during the year from COVID-19, the Ukraine war, and the most central story of all: inflation and interest rates. In this edition of On the Mark, we identify the impact of inflation on markets and whether investors should expect more of the same or changes in 2023.… Read More