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Weekly Market Recap – November 28, 2022

Headlines have been dominated by the better-than-expected October CPI report, but this improvement in inflation will likely be overshadowed by a deteriorating growth outlook in the coming months. Looking at the basic building blocks of gross domestic product (GDP), we see weakness across a variety of sectors, with homebuilding set to slow significantly and higher rates to weigh on inventories, business investment and exports.… Read More

On the Mark – What’s the Alternative?

This year has been a head-scratcher for most investors, given it has seen the worst period of returns for bonds while also seeing an equity bear market. Alternative investments have been used by institutional investors for many years to help diversify their portfolios and have proven helpful during recent market volatility.… Read More

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The Simple 3-Step Medicare Guide

When, Why, and How To Choose A Plan That’s Right For You

(especially if you’re already enrolled)

Whether you’re looking into Medicare for the first time, or taking advantage of annual enrollment to update your strategy, we’ve broken down the critical choices you must make into a simple decision-making tool (including the easy-to-understand questions you MUST ask yourself before choosing a plan).… Read More