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Best-Performing Asset Classes

According to Yale University’s Crash Confidence Index, only about 27% of investors are confident the stock market will not crash sometime during the next six months.1

But if fear leads investors to avoid the entire investment class, they may limit their potential returns.… Read More

Addressing Care Options Now for Your Aging Parents

Whether they want the role or not, adult children often find themselves in the position of primary caregiver for their aging parents. Unfortunately, many of us are not prepared for that role. We often find ourselves so engrossed in how fast our own children are growing up that it’s sometimes easy to forget that our own parents are also aging.… Read More


Emotional vs. Strategic Decisions

Information vs. instinct. 

When it comes to investing, many people believe they have a “knack” for choosing good investments. But what exactly is that “knack” based on? The fact is, the choices we make with our assets can be strongly influenced by factors, many of them emotional, that we may not even be aware of.… Read More


How the Federal Reserve Works

An inside look at the workings of our Central Bank

Have you ever taken a close look at paper money? Each U.S. bill has the words “Federal Reserve Note” imprinted across the top.

But many individuals may not know why the bill is issued by the Federal Reserve and what role the Federal Reserve plays in the economy.… Read More